Saturday, 2 April 2011

Singing in the Rain

Görlitz main square.

On Wednesday I spent the day in Görlitz, enjoying the sights and sounds. I tried last Saturday but it was absolutely pelting down. On that attempt, I ended up walking around the central square, trying to find shelter, when suddenly I heard this glorious voice ring out.

Listening from under the shelter of a shop doorway, I came to the conclusion that the man must be English, so I went over to say 'hello'. The encounter seemed even more like a work of fiction when he announced his name to be Fairweather!

This chance encounter led to a burgeoning friendship. Originally from Exeter, Philip has lived in Poland for the past nine years and is an integral part of the street entertainment community. You can check out his website.

Görlitz itself is a beautiful town which is half in Germany, half in Poland. You can literally walk over the river and the price of beer drops substantially.

It's part of the Silesian Empire - which, until that day, I had not even known to exist. Thanks to the Silesian Museum, however, I now know loads!

Here's some pictures from my walkabout:

In Görlitz, even the buildings have eyes...

The church is in-spiring.

The streets are beautiful.

The houses, colourful.

So, this is the town in which I made my new friend. Escapades to follow...

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