Sunday, 27 March 2022

Gisenyi Weekend


Aaaah, the noise issue has been hilarious. And, by hilarious, I mean bloody painful. Apparently, just after I left for the UK, they stopped for a while. My neighbour said it had been really quiet. Then, about three nights after I got back they really went for it. My brain was bleeding out my nose. But, it seems to have calmed down again now. 

[Update: the day after writing this, they went all night again - it's like that scene in Walking Dead where Daryl gets locked in a cell by Negan and they keep playing Easy Street. Just when you think you can sleep again - you're wrong.]

Other than that, being back has been okay. You can hear me puffing and panting in that video, partly because I put on a stone whilst I was in the UK and partly because it takes about a month to readjust to the altitude. It really takes the wind out of you.

I turned 41 shortly after getting back. It wasn't a great birthday. Not because of the age, but I'd planned a meal with my friends and then the heavens opened. I mean, it was biblical. No one could go anywhere. What was worse was that I had no chocolate or alcohol in the house. I had a bottle of gin but no lemons or tonic. I couldn't go out to get anything. My friends Harris and Rob ordered a big bottle of whiskey, but because of the rain it couldn't be delivered. Then the electricity went out - taking the internet with it. Thankfully, a tray of cupcakes made it just before the rain started and a huge bunch of red roses from Solvejg.

Cupcakes from Harris & Rob

It wasn't great. But we made up for it a few days later. My friends took me to a lovely restaurant for a slap-up meal, and the flowers and booze arrived.

Cucina at Marriott Hotel

I also received a beautiful bottle of gin, with glasses to go with it.

The start of the year is major birthday season. There was mine, then Jo, Chantal and Solvejg. So lots of good food, booze and laughs. 

Hands down, the best cheesecake in Kigali.
From Marriott.

Also had a lovely welcome-home brunch at Solvejg's house. Cocktails provided by Chantal. Solv has a wonderful view of the city from her garden.

So, things are bumbling along. I've been experiencing a boom of creativity. Currently editing my latest novel and getting really into video editing. Using my YouTube channel for practice. So far I've done videos about food, travel and language. I'm playing about and trying to improve. I managed to smuggle a Blue Yeti mic home with me and it's amazing. I've got my first VO gig and hoping to do more recordings. I can't replace the day job yet, but it's fun and I'm learning a lot.