Monday, 31 August 2015


Two weeks ago I was in a refugee camp. Now I'm relaxing in the middle of the countryside. 

Gave Percy Rabbit a wash. The water turned red with dust. The Long Dry Season went down the plug hole. He's drying out by the pond in a rare moment of British sunshine.

It's a bank holiday today...

That's More Like It

Really surprised at how well I've acclimatised. It's been about 30c in Kigali for the past few weeks. It's currently 14c here. But I'm doing well. Heating is on and wrapped up. Finding it quite pleasant actually. 

Had a little wander round the garden and went for a walk. Autumn is definitely on its way.

View from my window, first morning.








The food has been amazing. Salads, and greens, and quiche and all the flavours and things you can't easily get in Kigali. Plus there's a piano, and the old fox knocker on the door, which has welcomed me home since my school days.

Curry Cooked from Scratch

Slightly disturbing realisation - the spiders in mum's house are bigger than the ones in Rwanda! Found this cutie on the stairs. Stopped to pet it.

Giant House Spider
Also went for a walk round one of the local reservoirs. Nice to be able to walk freely without anyone stopping to shout Muzungu! at you. Somewhat more relaxing than the Congo Nile Trail, that's for sure.

No Kidding

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