Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Ticket to Ride

I think I've managed to pack all of Rwanda in my suitcase. 

Well, almost. I've managed to put it all on the floor next to my suitcase. Starting the hard work after another cuppa. Had a madly busy morning motoing all over town to pick up gifts and drop off keys. Heading home for the first time in a year and a half is no mean feat.

Totally over malaria. Surprisingly quick and relatively painless. Feeling a bit squiffy from random antibiotics, and still not got much of an appetite, but otherwise back to full energy levels. Managed to plough through budget receipts the other day - my least favourite part of project management. Next project I take on will be big enough to have an accountant. Some people have a head for figures, I have a head for butterflies and dragons and lamacorns (yes, that is a thing!).

Last night I finally caught up with my two favourite ladies - Zuba and Moma Zuba. Jo's just got back from the UK but, due to work, we haven't seen each other in weeks. We met for lunch at Novotel, then picked Trouble up from school and went for ice cream at MTN with Kersti and daughter Leah. Kersti is another friend from VSO days. We worked out we'd all been away from Rwanda for five years before moving back. Everyone moves back in the end, it's like a revolving door. Beautiful sunset as we were leaving.

Forgot to give Jo my post box key, so perfect excuse for breakfast this morning. We headed to Inzora Café in Kacyiru, one of the loveliest places - they do amazing chocolate and ginger cookies. They've also got a rooftop area now, with day beds! So we reclined amidst the cacti.

View of Kigali

Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Cake, Mango Smoothie and Granola with Yogurt
and Passion Fruit.

Relaxing this afternoon and packing. Thankfully I hardly have any clothes left after all this time. I originally left the UK to travel, not intending to stay in Rwanda as long as I have (set up a business, build a home...). It's amazing how much junk you accumulate even in a short space of time. Done a purge. Given two bags of clothes to Damascene, which he can give to his family or sell. What's left won't take up much room, so plenty of space for gifts. Can't wait to go clothes shopping in the UK, but it'll be heading into autumn there and it's 30c here at the moment. I'll need to buy some warm clothes, but not too many as I won't be bringing them back with me in January.

Ho hum, the trials and tribulations of an ex-pat. 

So excited to be headed home for a bit. New tenant arriving 10:30 tomorrow morning. Lovely Senga driving me to the airport for 3PM flight. Hour on the tarmac at Entebbe, change at Schiphol, touchdown at Heathrow on Thursday evening. Mum and Merrick picking me up. Off to recuperate in the countryside for a couple of weeks. Looking forward to a sprung mattress, a flat pint of warm British beer, and a bath.

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