Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Sunset from my Porch

My friend Dan arrived safe and sound and spent the first two days sleeping. Think the altitude, heat, and daylight hours - not to mention a fourteen-hour trip across the globe - knackered him out. Plenty of relaxing on the porch with cigarettes and beer, and plenty of watching movies on the projector. Very much enjoyed Mr. Nobody.

My garden is looking lovely at the moment. The vegetables have really taken off.

Huge Courgette


Salad Leaves
Panoramic - Click to Enlarge

Damascene has created a small front garden of his own. He's found manure from somewhere and planted a whole range of things. Can't wait to see what they turn into. We've become very green-fingered in this household. Even the wildlife thinks so!

Although a minor mishap with the tap. I think he was checking to see if we had water. We didn't, and I don't think he turned the tap off again, so when the water did come we created our very own water feature. Not looking forward to the water bill.

As well as the Nile, I also have a shiny new 4x4 on my drive. Borrowing it from Jo whilst she's in the UK but currently too terrified to drive it. Pierre is coming over later. I took Dan to Gisozi and Mille Collines (Hotel Rwanda) yesterday. We've done the historical part, now I think we should get out of town. Planning a jaunt to Lake Muhazi for tilapia and a swim. Pierre will drive and perhaps we can find somewhere quiet for a refresher on the way back.

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