Thursday, 30 May 2013

Horsing Around

The new love of my life, Simon.

Went out riding again today at Cotswold Trail Ride. Took the opportunity for a couple of pics this time.

A little known fact: Simon does not like Top Gear. We know this because he once unceremoniously dumped Richard Hammond on his bum! 

He was very nice to me, though.

My friend Julia, with Dangerous Denis.

Lovely Lump, my mount last time. See how he got his name? Doesn't seem to cause him any trouble, and he has some get-up and go.

Home grown, organic horses! Pick your own!

There's Lump, hiding behind the tree to the left. I love him to bits but, every time I ride him, I hear that Presidents of the United States song going round in my head!

Talking of mud... it was serious. The horses were up to their knees in the stuff. Shows just how strong they are. I should have taken a paddle. At one point on the way home, Simon put his foot down this hoof-shaped hole, which acted as a water vacuum and this giant gush of mud shot up and covered both of us. Poor love. 

Had such a great time though, and good to see Julia and Di again. Joined by another Julia, on holiday from Yorkshire.

Came home for a nice, long soak in the bath with a rose bath bomb Cathryn bought me for my birthday. Feeling a lot better than last week. Amazing how your body gets back into the swing of things so quickly. Also, Simon's a little larger than Lump, and his canter is sooo smooth. Didn't even leave the saddle, which was a bit gentler on the thighs.

Here's to a summer of wonderful horses.

"Oi! Are you Jeremy Clarkson?"

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