Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Homeward Bound

The sun at Dunkerque, setting on my escapades.

Oh my bleedin' god.

My arse hurts from sitting on it. Just driven for ten hours straight from Dresden to Dunkerque. Literally stopped for petrol and (simultaneously) to ask for directions when I missed my turnoff.

Cougar car and navigator Percy Bunny both held up like troopers. But I didn't plan this very well. Overshooting my friend's comfortable spare room at Torhout, I drove within walking distance of the Norfolkline entrance and pulled over. I couldn't see any signs for a ticket office, only ones reminding you to 'have your booking reference ready'. So I panicked! I've always booked online before so wasn't sure if there was a sales desk. Logic said there should be - I just wasn't sure!

Then I had another panic when I thought I'd left my phone at the hotel in Dresden. Ten hours is a little far to drive back and get it... so I asked St. Anthony (I will blog about this later, it's a little hard to explain...) and there it was, under a bag in the boot of the car. Phew.

My plan was to call Dad and ask him to book me a ticket online. Only he wasn't answering. So I tried my friend in Edinburgh...and she wasn't in. Then my friend in Dublin...and on, and on. Sodding sunny weather, everyone's out enjoying themselves, mobiles neglected!

Then I had the brainwave of trying my USB modem. Unbelievable, it worked! So I hurriedly booked myself a ticket.

Going the wrong way. *sigh*

That's what ten hours of driving does to you...

A very lovely lady at the port relieved me of more money and changed the booking for me. So, here I am, blogging from a ferry in the middle of the channel at ten o' clock at night.

I was going to book into a hotel and get some rest, but once I'm behind the wheel this super-woman homing instinct takes over and away I go. It's another three and a half hours once I disembark at Dover. My wonderful friend offered to book me a hotel, but I declined. Home, home,'s all I can think about at the moment.

Provided I can stay on the right side of the road. The good thing about driving in the early hours is that there's fewer things to hit. But there's also fewer things to follow. I kind of rely on watching other people to gauge which side I'm supposed to be on.

So. Here's hoping I make it. And to wonderful friends who have been phoning to offer their support. I'm very blessed really. Nice to know wherever you are in the world, there are people who can bail you out at the push of a telephone button.

Was going to upload the pictures of Dresden but the free internet seems to be struggling a little with that, so I shall save it until I get back to base. That way you know I've made it.

So - from the middle of the English Channel, I bid you adieu.

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