Thursday, 12 May 2011

Greg Trooper, Leicester

The Musician Pub, Leicester.
Greg Trooper is somewhat of a legend amongst a group of friends from my Cardiff days.

It's really all Suki's fault. She is very into a type of music called Americana, and she used to travel to the States to catch her favourite acts. So, when one of them came to The Musician Club in Leicester back in 2006, we agreed to go along and find out what the attraction was.

Hands up, we were all thinking 'great, blue grass.' Drinking was top of the bill, listening to the music somewhere a little further down.

But, five years on, 'The Troop' is still playing regular gigs on my road trip music line-up. He's an absolute born performer. And no, it's not blue grass. It's something a little hard to describe. He's got an American twang, but it's not country. More upbeat. A little rythme and bluesy.

More than anything, it's his lyrics that draw you in. Greg Trooper is king of the one-liners, with gems such as:

I think you're lonely as a Sunday morning, that never had a Saturday night.

His new album, Upside-Down Town, is out now and you can buy it through his official website. I have most of his other albums: Straight Down Rain, Backshop Live (my favourite), Make it Through This World and Between a House and a Hard Place. There really isn't a song on any of them that I don't like. He's a rare artist in that he's consistently very good.

It's not often that one man and a guitar can keep you entertained for an entire evening - but I have to own to it, I'm a complete fan. If you ever get a chance to catch him, he's well worth the effort.

Last night he returned to the Musician. I took my dad along. It was a brilliant night. First time in the UK for almost six years, and that was the last time I was at the club! Hasn't changed at all - well, minus a sofa perhaps.

The Musician is a fantastic, intimate venue. If I lived closer I'd go more often. If you live close - go! They also have a FaceBook page you can join.

To wrap this up, Suki - the lady with whom all of this began - just gave birth to her son, Toby, the night before the gig. I half expected her to strap him to her back and come straight from the hospital, but apparently even she needed a little recovery time after that. So I managed to get her a signed baby top saying "Welcome". One thing's for sure - the kid's going to have an eclectic taste in music.

There's some great photos of the gig by Paul Needham on the Musician FB page. 

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