Monday, 23 December 2019

Bouncing Bridges

Feels like months since we had a full day without rain in Kigali. Texted Sam to ask what this strange yellow object was in the sky. We concluded it's probably a UFO.

Things were a bit quiet after Harris and Ian left, but he came down to visit last weekend and we had a lovely time. We went for a meal and on the way home he pulled over by the flower seller and bought me a huge bunch of flowers.

There were so many, I managed to get three arrangements out of it: red, purple and mixed.


Hung out at PiliPili by the pool with mojitos.

Then we headed to Bugasera for a night. My friend owns Bugasera Lodge. I'm helping to repair her piano so she gave us a night gratis. We went via Golden Tulip hotel for a swim in their huge pool. We arrived just before sunset and the lodge was so beautifully lit with gas lamps along the path. Had a gorgeous four-course meal of beetroot soup, fish, cheeses and pudding, and played some ping pong.

On the way there.

View from our room.

Ping pong by fairy light.

The next morning we went for a walk down to the wetlands where we crossed the most incredible bridge. It's a floating bridge across the marsh, made entirely from reeds and twigs. Strong enough for people to cycle across, but it bounces as you walk. Never seen anything like it.

(panoramic, click to enlarge)

A fascinating expedition. Rwanda Tourism should get onto this. If they put a little café at one end, the lodge at the other - it's a hidden gem. Then we headed back up the hill for breakfast.

Unfortunately, I had to rush back to Kigali for a board meeting, but it was a nice place to spend our first ever getaway. Huge thanks to Jocelyne for her hospitality, and for sending us home with a huge jar of home-made rhubarb jam.

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