Thursday, 1 October 2015

Lost & Found

A minor miracle occurred.

Remember last month when I posted about accidentally deleting those photos and being unable to retrieve them from the internal memory?

I spent so many hours trying to get them back but had to give up in the end. 

Then, yesterday, I accidentally clicked Cloud on file manager. I never look in there - just don't use it.

But there they were! All the photos!

How totally bizarre is that? All I can think is that I must have pasted them to the wrong folder before I got distracted.

So, above is a tree-obscured photo of sunrise in Northamptonshire at 6am, and below are some pretty pictures of Cold Ashby church, which has, I've been told, the oldest bell in Britain and, until recently, the newest.

It was all dressed up for a wedding. Merrick was passing through to ring the bells up in preparation.

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