Wednesday 15 August 2012


Today, we went in search of the biggest phallus in Scotland.

It's 'The Stone of Mannan', which gives Clackmannanshire its name.

It sits in the village centre, next to the remnants of an ancient cross.

Mr. B demonstrating what the stone
may have represented in ancient times.

We found a church over the road. This one was open to the public. A really lovely lady welcomed us in, provided us with free coffee and biscuits, and told us all about the place.

For the 40th anniversary of the Queen's coronation in 1992, the church commissioned a new window, thought to be the only church to do so. She visited to see it in 1997 and signed the guest book.

Anniversary Window

The Queen's Signature
It was an impressive church with a balcony, which reminded me of one which is housed at The Museum of Welsh Life. It is rare to see churches with upper tiers. 

The church is built on top of an older place of worship dating from around 680 AD. This one is thought to date from around 1815.

There are six impressive stained glass windows on the lower floor.

My favourite is top-middle, for the colours.

I really enjoyed frobbling around the graveyard outside. Some more unusual carvings, like those in my Headstones post.

Jester Skull?


Lichen has turned the nose and
eyes bright green
After bumbling about Clackmannan, we headed off to Castle Campbell.

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