Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Sweetie, Darlink!

Some of the slightly more blushsome finds in the memory chest...

Above, for one day only: myself, Ann and Kimbob performing on Reading High Street as Without Words. Scaring young children and the elderly alike. One step short of the dreaded 'living statue' routine. 

Found my student card from the BRIT school

One of my all-time lasting memories is receiving an A* in Physical Theatre with my friend Matt. Our entire routine consisted of wheeling out a TV, playing white static, and doing tumble rolls (holding on to each others' ankles) back and forth in front of it for three minutes. 

That's the kind of place it was. A place where, without warning, a group of Musical Theatre students (complete with leg warmers) would turn up and spontaniously burst into Flash Dance.

Found an old newsletter, made me smile:

(click to enlarge)

I progressed on to Reading to study Deaf Theatre - bit of a niche market. Found this delightful blurb from my third year finals performance:

(click to enlarge)

There were only three of us in it, and the climax (*cough*) came when myself and Maid #2 shared a steamy snog prostrate before the front row. According to my dad (yes, this really does get worse) the entire back row stood up to get a better look!

Back, 3rd from left: on the stage of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.
(just visiting)

Continuing to scrape the bottom of the box, I found this:

Check the cast list, fourth from the bottom:

(click to enlarge)

I was one of a privileged few to get the pleasure of watching Jamie Cullum strut his funky stuff - in drag. 

During my first week of uni, I got lost on Bulmershe Campus (hard to do, it was about the size of a paper bag) whilst trying to find the student bar, and bumped into him by the pond. Extremely lovely, helpful guy for the full two minutes that I made his acquaintance. 

We also had the added perk of him playing for our Winter Formal at Newbury Racecourse. Funny to think how much an appearance like that would now be worth, but easy to understand why. You could hardly see his fingers, they moved that fast across the keys. Check him playing with Tim Minchin. Awesome performance.

So, some silly stuff in there. Top hats, tails, corsets - all the fun things in life. Kind of miss the wackiness of it - the 'anything could happen' (and frequently does) feeling. 

But then, you can push that even further through writing, and it's harder for the audience to throw things.

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