Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Stroll Along the Prom

How exceedingly British is this lovely little thatched cottage?


This is Cemetery Chapel in Clevedon, where we started our walk up through St. Andrew's Church and along Poet's Walk, where you can casually contemplate death on a beautifully sunny day. Aptly named.

Lychgate (or lich-gate), where you shelter coffins from the rain before a service.

The back of St. Andrew's Church is a huge graveyard looking out across the Severn towards Newport and Cardiff in Wales. Stunning place to be buried.

(panorama, click to enlarge)

(panorama, click to enlarge)

As with Frederick Dawson, Sarah Bale has her own bench - this time with an even more impressive view. 

Wales Across the Severn
A little further down, you come to this lookout.

View of Clevedon Pier

Then down towards the beach, where the old lido has recently been restored and people can be found swimming and kayaking. 

(panoramic, click to enlarge)

(panoramic, click to enlarge)
Fun and frolics to be had in the park, displaying the British love of whimsy with a miniature railway.

If you like bandstands, check out this book by Paul Rabbitts, documenting the history of bandstands throughout the UK and further afield.

Then it was on along the coast towards Clevedon Pier, opened in 1869.

We popped into Scarlett's Restaurant for waffles before strolling out to sea.

Frangipane Cake

To commemorate Marilyn's mum, Marj, they bought her a plaque on the pier. When they were refurbishing the pier. You could (and  think still can) sponsor a plankTook a little bit of doing, but we found her.

(panoramic, click to enlarge)

Marj, Marilyn and Myself at Stanton Drew
There were all sorts of interesting engravings. One can only imagine the story behind this one:

"Shall we go for a walk along the pier, love?"
"Yes, why not."


Then there was just time to pop down to the viewing portal below, where you can look along the underneath of the pier.

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