Monday, 9 November 2015

Remembrance Sunday 2015

Watched the Remembrance Day march go through our village yesterday, including my two nephews marching alongside their granddad. 

My nephew's at that age where he
doesn't smile in any photos ever.

Remembering Nana, Grandad and Great Grandpa Tom.

Great Grandpa Tom in Mesopotamia WW1

Nana as an Ambulance Driver in WW2

My favourite line from the Sergent Major (?) was:

Well done the old and the bold. Good to see some of you can still move. Congratulations.

I hope he meant fearless, and not 'the old and the bald'?

There's another nice clip from 2009 which shows the march from the church, along with the bells. Made good friends with our new pub managers Daniel & Toni, and it was their first time to see it. Also Toni's birthday.

I wasn't required on the bells as they had enough ringers, but today I went up to help mum take the mufflers off. These are put on the bells for ceremonial occasions - Remembrance Day and funerals. They silence one side of the bells, giving them a sombre sound.

It's really hard getting up our bell tower as it's very old and narrow.

It's pretty dangerous work once you get up there. You have to climb up and over the wheels to get to the back two, then reach up, under the bells and feel for the mufflers, which are held on with Velcro. Plenty of places to trip and bash your knees. Even an open trapdoor to fall down. At one point I was walking along a narrow metal beam barely the width of my foot whilst holding onto two wheel spokes rocking in opposite directions. Mum got to the back bells in the picture above by getting herself up onto the stone ledge and edging her legs over the wheels whilst I held them steady.

You can see the white leather mufflers on the clappers below.


All in all, a good day. But me and mum rang down all six bells on our own, and I made the mistake of playing Peter Pan (where you hang onto the end of the bell rope and fly about the room). It's so much fun, but I haven't done it in years and my muscles, after ringing down the tenner, were shot. Soooo sore. Not strategic with a marathon drive to Gloucester tomorrow, then up to Carlisle and Scotland. Wish me luck!

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