Monday, 17 December 2012

Saint Davids Weekend

Just had a lovely weekend in a cottage in St. Davids (Tyddewi), Wales. Britain's smallest city.

It was Dad's birthday on Saturday and Marilyn usually whisks him away to a Landmark Trust property. First time I've been around, so hopped in the car with them. Had a brilliant time, plenty of walks and open fires. Also, lots and lots of ancient sites. 

Those who remember my old blog may remember a distinct love of standing stones. The far South West of Wales is like the Mecca of prehistoric sites. We managed to get around quite a few - highlights in the video above. Pentre Ifan is just a stone's throw away from Foel Drygarn, an impressive Iron Age settlement. Going to be discussing all of these with my mate Paul, who runs The Northern Antiquarian (Facebook).

Had a wonderful pootle around Porth Mawr. I reckon it's Epona's holiday home, there are wild ponies everywhere. Plenty of dramatic seascapes and even a cromlech right up on the hill. Might even have stumbled across an unmarked circle.

I'd like to mention a couple of places we stopped for food, which were absolutely lovely. The first is Café Thirty-Five (Facebook) in Solva. Really friendly, yummy menu and huge fish tank. The other is The Sloop pub in Porthgain. It is awesomely excellent, brimming with local history and quirky nick-nacks. Well worth a visit.

The cottage itself had a perfect view of the cathedral, and a gorgeous fireplace.

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