Sunday, 6 February 2011

Snow White

Had a lovely day out today at Colesbourne Park. They have one of (if not the) most impressive snowdrop collections in the country. About 80 different species! I didn't even know there were that many types of snowdrop. And apparently several of them were discovered in Turkey!

Reminded me of an article by Bernard Cornwell (Sharp) in the  2010 Writers' & Artists' Yearbook in which he discuses the minefield that is historical fiction:
There were no rabbits in King Arthur's Britain, which I knew, but a helpful reader (there's always a helpful reader) wrote to tell me there were no snowdrops either. Got that wrong.
I always think of them being a quintessentially British flower - but, like much else of these fair lands, they really aren't. 

The snowdrop walk is open throughout the month of February for visitors to wander around. Costs about £6.50 to get in, but over eight grand's worth went to charity last year.

Beautiful place to visit :)

Here's some pics:

Traditional-looking snowdrop.

Frilly snowdrop.

Fairy-skirt looking snowdrop.

Green-tipped snowdrop!

Sea of snowdrops.

Yea oldy ice house.

Ring of snowdrops around a tree.

Church on the Colesbourne Park estate.

Yup - even snowdrops inside the church.

Old dry-stone bridge.

Mill house on the Blue Lake.

The Blue Lake is naturally very blue.

You can also buy rare snowdrops at the shop, and they have a nice tea room with really good home-made cake. Lovely day out. Dogs welcome.

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