Sunday, 21 May 2017


Fires of Hades! Friday was so much fun.

Historic moment as Rwanda held its first ever rock night!

Took me back to my undergrad years.

Undergrad Rock Ladies

It was organised by Jonny Lee and the guys from Up to 11. Held at One Love. I have the internet to thank for my wardrobe. I started off so gothed-up, dressed-up and laced-up.


And ended up in a simple black tank, wearing my friend's belt by the end of it. I forgot how much you need a belt when you're doing this.

The venue was perfect and there were two live bands who kept us going until about 1:30. One group from the American Embassy who killed Violent Femmes and Radiohead, but did insist on dropping Dolly Parton in for some reason... The second band were from Burundi. They didn't kick off until late, but did a crazy good rendition of Jimmy Hendrix, Hey Joe. Felt so good to let off steam. Even had a little mosh pit going at the front. Made lots of new friends. I love rock clubs. Everyone dresses scary, but usually they're the friendliest people.

Absolutely fantastic event and can't wait to do it again. Should probably have left it there, but was hungry. Went with Maia to Envy for Cindy's birthday. Weird remembering it was a year ago we'd had the ladies night out. Tried to recreate this year but I was so exhausted. Flopped home to bed by 3:30.

Plus Gin =
Cake Fight!

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