Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Dartmoor Days

Tucked up in a lovely cottage in Dartmoor with Dad, Marilyn and Aunty Jean. Roaring wood-burning stove, a lake of alcohol and mad quantities of food. It's nice and cosy, which is lovely as the wind is seriously picking up outside and there's major flooding in many parts of the UK, with further storms expected. 

It took some finding. Dad, Marilyn and Jean came down on Boxing Day, and I joined them last night. A 220 mile journey, which I managed to extend by a further 60 miles when I overshot the junction. Navigating the winding roads of Dartmoor is exciting in the dark. The house is completely remote, down a single-track road.

Today we took a drive out to Bideford for a look at the harbour and the high street.

There was a market with two very talented crocheters who could make any kind of food imaginable. They don't have a website but they're called Twitknits and you can find them at Bideford Pannier Market every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.  

There was also a knitting shop with a display of old Singer sewing machines in the window. I love these, as you see the first one in almost every tailor shop in Rwanda.

1921: click to enlarge and read the board.

1897 & 1880 

Time for a hot chocolate.

Then an airing at the beach near Westward Ho!, a town named after an 1855 novel by Charles Kingsley. 

(Panoramic - click to enlarge)

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