Wednesday, 30 November 2011

N30 2

This was my view from the Gloucester N30 march today :)

Whilst Bristol had a massive turnout (10,000 according to local radio, 20,000 according to Indymedia), we had our own little shindig up here in Gloucester. An estimated 2,000 turned out, from all the major unions: NHS, Teachers', Unison, GMB - even NAPO (National Association of Probation Officers).


NAPO out in force.

I texted Mum to tell her, as that's her lot, and she replied saying she'd been on the picket line since 8am. Very proud.

So, eventful day. Still hear a number of silly lines by anti-demonstrators though. The two that always make me laugh are:

1. What about my kids? It's very disruptive.

Take this as a wonderful, seldom seen, opportunity to show them democracy in action. Remember all those tiresome wars like Iraq, Egypt and Libya? Yeah, boring, I know, but this minor disruption to your day is a prime example of what people in other countries give their lives for on a regular basis: freedom of speech, expression, and the right to dissent. *yawn, yawn* But hey, it's one day - and some day, your kids might even have something to fight for themselves. So it's good to get them in the swing of things early, so they don't forget that they have civil rights. 

2. What are these Public Sector people whinging about? They get a much better pension than I do in the Private Sector.

Yeah, really weird that inni' - they fight for a better pension, and somehow they manage to get one (or at least hold on to it). It's almost as though there is a link between exercising your civil rights and, err... maintaining them. *shrug* Perhaps the lesson there is - instead of complaining and suggesting that everyone should give up and be worse off, you should have a go at fighting for better yourself. Get organised, form/join/recognise a union and stand together, rather than throwing stones from the sidelines.

Right, that's the world put to rights. Lost a few book sales? Possibly. Feel bad about it? Not a bit. 

March on.

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  1. I like it! The lady is moving into documentary film production! :)


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