Wednesday, 2 November 2011

All Saints' and All Souls'

Suitably dramatic picture for a suitably dramatic time of year. All Souls' Day today, All Saints' yesterday.

I went for a walk down the 'leafy lane' as it's affectionately known. Very strange indeed. The colours are changing, yet I wore only a T-shirt and almost got sunburnt! Can't believe the weather. Feels more like mid-August.

Tree in the village.

Walking down the Leafy Lane.

Views along the way.

I love gateways - they could lead anywhere!
Click on any of the pictures above to see them better.

There's a lovely stream that runs along this walk. At one point it had formed a natural dam amongst the tree roots. You could hardly distinguish the water from the land because there were so many leaves. I took a clip of it, and another a little further down where the water was making a really beautiful sound.

The following are two pretty trees - one very much alive, reaching out with its roots. The other is a lightning tree (yes, as in the 1970s TV show - sing along if you know the words), which bears stark contrast with its skeletal branches.

Live tree and lightning tree.

Picturesque barn.

Mushroom forest!
Psathyrella gracilis? I also found wild sorrel.

These are the fields where our local point-to-points are held each year. For those not of an equine disposition, point-to-points are steeplechases held in many counties in Ireland and the UK. It's a big event where lots of people stand in a field and try to avoid getting run over by horses as they jump big fences like these:

Point-to-point fences.
On my way home, I happened across another fellow who rather likes the races.

Seriously can't believe the weather today. Clocks finally go back, dark nights drawing in, and the sun is shining like summer's just arrived!

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