Saturday, 18 November 2017

India Bound

My visa for India came through today. Meeting up with Dad & Marilyn in Mumbai, few days on the beach in Goa, then the Golden Triangle over Christmas. Can't believe it's almost been two years since I was last with them in the UK. I plan to eat until I have to book a double seat on the flight home.


It's been a fabulous few weeks for cocktails. Done plenty of testing sessions ahead of the cocktail bar launch at my friend's restaurant. Had a round at my place, then one at the restaurant which descended into a mad game of Who's in the Bag? You put the names of famous people in a bag. The first round, you can use words to describe the person, the second round, you can only mime the same people, then the third round, you have to use only your hands like a puppet show over the back of a chair. The team with the most names at the end wins. The prize for worst person to have on your team goes to Jo, who put forward Zinedine Zidane.

This is Victor's workspace in my kitchen:

No, but seriously, who needs everyday grenadine?
Victor setting up for cocktail testing night.

We ended up dancing like lunatics around the bar after everyone else had gone home, then Maia and I headed out to Fuchsia and Sundowner with our friends Harris and Ash.

Spent the next couple of days lying on my couch groaning and bug watching.

My little shed apartment has also become the last bastion of sanctuary for lizards. My cats have a horrible habit of catching them and biting off their tails. I try to rescue as many as possible. Found this little guy cowering in my shoe.

Talking of cats, things have been a bit traumatic with Sen lately (the kitten who was poisoned). She's had a respiratory problem the past couple of months and it got particularly bad yesterday. It's been extremely hard to get veterinary assistance. Most of the vets have been out of the country, out of Kigali, or busy elsewhere. Managed to get one guy to take time out from treating wild animals at Akagera. He gave her a heart worm injection and a course of doxycycline, but it hasn't helped. The lovely Dr Arum came last night. She saved Sen's life after the poisoning. She's given her some anti-inflammatories and suggested some other tablets, which we'll try tonight. Hoping she gets better soon.

It's well and truly the wet season here at the moment. Some really big downpours. Temperatures have been as low as 14/15c at night, so lots of fluffy socks and jumpers. But it has led to some impressive rainbows.

 And some very cute, cuddled-up cats.

Things are also going quite well with piano building, though we're still having massive problems sourcing wire for strings. Des is making the keys at the moment. You can read more about that on the other blog.

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