Saturday, 3 June 2017

The Great Zucchini Theft

Well, the blurgh's over for now. Got up early (for me) yesterday and went and got myself an absolutely lovely accountant. I hand over all of my papers and passwords, and I don't have to think about accounting again until he works out what's been going on and sends me the bill. He seems like a lovely chap, didn't charge me a penny for the hour-long consultation and says rates are based on income, and as that's very small, so shall be the bill. Fingers crossed. Very happy with the service so far and, if this turns out well, I'll be paying whatever fine I owe, closing the company, switching to a sole trader (which is what I wanted to be in the first place) and hiring this guy for the piano company.

Speaking of which, a third person asked to buy a piano the other day. 

There is definitely something to hiring someone to do your worrying for you.

From next week I'm completely focused on resuming writing and getting the piano made.

Treated myself to a lovely breakfast at Inzora on the way home from the accountant's. They really do a yummy rooftop spread with a stunning view of the city.

Had a good night teaching fiction in the dark at CasaKeza. There was a long power cut, so we all gathered outside with candles. Very atmospheric and scribely. Then stayed on for a drink with Maia and ended up in fits of giggles over toilet humour. Exactly what I needed.

Completely back to my bouncy self, until disaster struck.

It involved these bastards:

Facebook post this morning:

I have been overwhelmed by sympathy from friends and family. I did not know such love existed. One friend has even started the campaign #PrayforMarion - but please, I don't want anyone to give up their precious time on my behalf. I'd rather you just send money.

It was such a senseless attack. The damage was indescribable.

De-foiled in Full View

I'm not talking to my cats anymore, but I'm not sure that's much of a punishment, as they ignored me when I did.

Anyway. I'm just taking it one day at a time. The emptiness inside will eventually heal (I'm thinking of ordering take-out tonight) and the next rock night has been announced for Friday. Few of my writers want to go, so it'll be a lot of fun. Trying to plan what to wear. I've ordered corsets, but I don't think they'll get here in time, so skulls and lace it is. 

On with the show...

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