Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Sophie Loaf

Rather a traumatic couple of days. Opened the door yesterday morning and only two kittens rolled in. It's unusual, but sometimes one is a few minutes late for breakfast. But the hours went by and there was no sign of Sophie. 

I expected the worst, she's the most homey of the three. Printed a 'missing' flyer and canvased the neighbours up and down the street. The guards promised to keep an eye out, and I put up a poster at a local restaurant. I thought she had probably been hit by a car, but she wasn't in the drains or bushes. 

Opened the door this morning to find all three kittens.

Sophie came home, but she's looking the worse for her adventures. One eye is badly swollen, she seems to be in a bit of pain, her head shakes sometimes and her back claws are broken. Completely mystified what happened to her, but very glad to have her back.

She's eating, drinking and purring, though not as cuddly as usual. I'm going to bathe her eye and keep her in tonight. Maybe call the vet if there's any complications.

They are such rambunctious creatures of doom, it's only when something like this happens that you realise how small and fragile they are. 

This is precisely why I didn't want cats - it's horrible waiting for something to happen.

Anyway, I'll keep a close eye on her.

These pictures were taken a few days ago. Sophie, Howl and Sen playing with my new laundry basket.

In other news, found an - unfortunately dead - strange caterpillar with a tail.


Howl discovered he likes Marmite. Apparently, some big cats do too.

My friend's daughter, Leah, decided she wanted to live upside down in a tree.

I decided to watch a little of the UK election. When I looked up it was 5 a.m. and the sun was rising!

Finally made it to bed at 7 a.m., feeling extremely satisfied. It was a fantastic Labour gain. As one reporter put it, many of the Labour MPs who had been so critical of Corbyn now owed their seats to him. Good to finally have a strong opposition.

Summed up nicely by John Oliver (if you have trouble viewing, try browsing from the US).

Cats not so interested in elections...

Today has been a busy day. Went to check out our new piano frame with Désiré. Unfortunately, it's not quite up to scratch. Alex didn't have everything he needed to make the best replica. He's going to try again. In the meantime, Désiré suggested we check out Chillington, which is an industrial foundry down a maze of dirt roads not far from Alex's place. We drove through the dust in near 30c heat and it made me smile to see parts of Kigali I didn't know. We were really impressed by Chillington, so we're going to drop off the frame for a quote. 

Quite a bit going on at the moment, trying to keep on top of it all. Could definitely do without any more cats getting lost or beaten up. Very hard to concentrate with a missing kitten, even now they are technically cats. I shall leave you with a picture from last Friday's rock night. As a friend posted: 'Punk isn't dead. It just goes to bed at a more reasonable hour.'

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