Monday, 24 April 2017

Fairy Lights

So, what happens when you get two girls and 50m of fairy lights together?

Not a lot.

What happens if you add two bottles of wine, a bottle of port and some sanity-bending pastis?

A two-woman rock fest and a hangover that lasts the entire weekend.

My Brain on the Floor

We were going to recreate our pub crawl, but child care backed out so we started off very civilly in the garden. I still had a bottle of red left over from my birthday. A friend had broken the corkscrew in it, so it's taken until now to get the cork out.

Anyway, I'm really, really excited because Kigali is about to have its first ever rock night next month. I'm desperately missing my piercings and determined to find some black lipstick and carve pumpkins. Check out these incredible pictures from the Botswana metal scene.

It's been so many years that I've requested an old rockers' corner featuring comfy cushions, a water dispenser and possibly a neck brace.

I've persuaded Maia to come with me. Actually, she didn't take much persuading. But after the second bottle of wine she asked for an introduction to rock music. I promptly took her through Kerrang (Limp Bizkit, Sum41, Lit) through the classics (Chilis, Alice Cooper, House of Pain) up to the meaty classics (Rage Against the Machine (Christmas #1 in the UK, 2009), Drowning Pool, Metallica).

The Enchantress, Suicide Squad

We started with Metallica and ended up with John Lennon, Oh Yoko - which I think is my overriding tune of the night. Dancing like lunatics, covered in fairy lights. 

Meanwhile, I started out in a suit and tie, and ended up in somebody else's dress!

Now that isn't normal...

But, you know what? Even that can be uber rock.

(Bad) Attitude, Baby

EvErY bOdY iN tHe WoRlD dEsErVeS fAiRy LiGhTs!

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