Friday, 31 March 2017

That's a Wrap


Actually found some pictures of me from the film shoot.

Hanging With Karabona

Chatting to Desiré
Got the final filming done yesterday. Involved me walking down a long road and standing, staring at the view of Kigali whilst perfecting a 'turn with a smile' which will probably appear more as a grimace. I hate being filmed! 

Beautiful View of Kigali
Walking home from filming, I popped into a bookshop beneath Ubumwe Hotel. I'd seen on their Twitter feed that my book was apparently on sale there. As far as I know, it's the first time I've been stocked at a bookshop I wasn't signing at - just because they wanted to sell it. It was such a cool feeling to walk in and see it stocked alongside some really well known titles. Hugely grateful to Haepi Bookshop. Made my month.

Stopped off at CasaKeza on the way home. I'm currently a teetotal, non-smoking, vegetarian angel, at least until tomorrow. After a particularly painful night out with Maia, I needed to give my body a break. Back on the bandwagon for April though... maybe just the booze. 

Thankfully it was non-alcoholic cocktail tasting day when I turned up. I got one with cherries in.

And whilst I got cocktails, my cats got a bird. They are little killing machines. They bring in countless lizards and cockroaches, but birds are new. They're usually fast enough to escape. Hoping this will be a rare event.

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