Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Taper Cat Girl

Sen and Sophie helping to dry my jeans - by sitting on them.

Not much to update at the moment. I'm currently on sale at CasaKeza - six signed copies of an old novel (new one coming soon-ish).

Cats are taking over my life - still. Though I'm not entirely sure why Sophie has one foot in her water bowl whilst she drinks. Not entirely normal. Special needs cat.

From little kitties to big cats, some more snaps from the Maasai trip. You can also read Tracey's write up here.

Been doing more cooking. Love this plantain pie idea (#14) but I grate the plantain as it's always really fresh, and have to make do with Rwandan gouda-style cheese. It's still pretty good, though. Served up with fruit and Nutella.

Frustrating times at the moment. The two guys who were going to help with the fundraising video have had unforeseen housing issues and been unable to assist. I've been meeting with other film makers and the cost of a short video is astronomical. Did think about doing it myself, but for this you really want a professional job. Going to bite the bullet. We need to start fundraising soon otherwise we won't have time between (hopefully) getting the money and building the piano for the expo at the end of the year. It's a challenge, but I'm up for it.

Continuing my run of hermitisation. Only been out a couple of times, both resulting in late nights (early mornings) at CasaKeza. So many people having birthdays at the moment, including the lovely Lulu.

Yes, she is actually covered in cake.

Plus midnight brownies to soak up the alcopop.

Just for kicks, I decided to join the kitchen staff for an evening. There was a big event on and it was chaos, so I donned a pinnie and sweated my all at the sink for a couple of hours, switching turns washing, rinsing and drying. It reminded me of my early twenties, working my way around Australia. Quite a grounding experience. 

Been writing a lot and watching some movies. Watching The Wire again and every five minutes it's - "Wow, that's Littlefinger from Game of Thrones," and "Oh, that's half the cast of The Walking Dead." That series really was a golden ticket for just about everyone who was in it.

Really enjoying the music of Desi Valentine and Dorothy, thanks to other viewing.

Also splashed out and bought a new writing desk. I now have an empire in which to distribute cold cups of coffee and broken rubber bands. Life is good.

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