Thursday, 10 October 2013

Teary Tart

Well, I did say that I would get some. Behold! The baking beans.

Had a go at recreating the caramelised balsamic and red onion tart with goat's cheese (catchy title) that we had in Tipperary.

I still don't wish to talk about the pastry. It's getting better, and I do now have a rolling pin. This one's fun because you mix in mustard and cheddar.

Then, y'know, sort of cover it in these things... *sigh*

The tart itself is incredible. If someone said 'hey, chop up six onions and eat them,' you'd think... no. But caramelise them with butter and balsamic vinegar, slap on a lump of goat's cheese, and the combination is incredible.

It brought a tear to my eye.

Honestly, two onions in and I could hardly see whether I was dicing a vegetable or my hand. There is a definite down side to this dish. I tried the trick of sticking a cold spoon under my tongue. I think it sort of helped, maybe just a little. That or the placebo effect kicked in. Either way - win.

Ta-dah! Just before it went in for the final bake.

Annoyed I forgot to take one of it before serving, but we were all hungry by then and it didn't last long. I dished it up with thinly sliced red and yellow peppers, and mushrooms, stir fried in soy sauce and honey on a bed of fresh spinach leaves, with some new potatoes from the garden.

Opinion of baking beans? Hmm. At the end of the day, once you fill a flan, who can see whether it's lumpy or not? Are they worth it for the fiddlyness of washing them afterwards? Jury's still out. Failing that, you could always use them for omweso.

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