Monday, 7 October 2013

Highnam Court

Had a lovely day at Highnam Court yesterday, enjoying the autumn colours with Dad and M.

It's been a while since I went for a walkabout, and I went a bit wild with the camera, so this is going to be a long and image-heavy post. Enjoy!

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Highnam Court

Link Hedge

Sea Horses, Surrounded by Starfish and Seals.

The Great Escape

The pixie above sums up the day's memories of Highnam. There were so many mushrooms!

Mostly we saw Judge's Ink Cap (AKA Shaggy Ink Cap), so named because they look like a judge's wig. These make good eating when the caps are still closed, and are related to Common Ink Cap, which you find around the base of trees. Common Ink Cap is also edible, but you mustn't eat it if you plan on drinking alcohol as it creates a violent reaction. It's used to induce nausea in alcoholics as part of aversion therapy.

They're called ink caps because as they decay they turn to a mushy, inky substance.


There were also plenty of pretty flowers.

And signs of autumn everywhere.

Ready to Play Conkers?

There were also quite a few grazers.

And some wildlife...



Those should look better if you click to enhance them. There were also lots of giant dragonflies, but they wouldn't stay still long enough to be photographed.

Highnam from Across the Lake


Lower Lake Panoramic

Spot the Odd One Out?
Empty Nest
Then things got a little strange.

Toad of Toad Hall

Life's a Bubble
The Road to Self Discovery
Just time to cross that bridge...

...hide in the willow arbour...
...and admire the sky...
...before heading off to investigate the church.

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