Saturday, 6 October 2007


Got back from Majorca/Mallorca yesterday. Went for a family holiday with Dad, M and Aunty Jean.

We left really early Sunday morning, were up by 5am and on the road to Bristol airport to catch our EasyJet flight to Palma, the capital of Majorca, where we hired a car and drove on to Port de Pollença. We were staying at the Leo Apartments. The apartment was beautiful, right next to two swimming pools and an easy walk to the shops, restaurants and beach. And what a beach!

The day after we arrived, we headed out to Formentor. There's an amazing lookout point there, where you can see sea and sky for as far as you can look:

We also went for a look around a couple of other towns, including a rocky mountain road with some serious hairpin bends through Escorca to Sóller, where we took a tram down to the beach and had tea. We also visited Alcúdia, which was very picturesque.

Rocky Road
There was also a funny moment when we encountered a beach at S'illot and took a picture of Aunty Jean there because, as kids, Dad and Jean spent many a holiday at Silloth, which was markedly colder and wetter. The beach at S'illot was lovely though, and we had a dip and a bite to eat.

We also spent time at the local beach, Port de Pollença, and Pollença itself. Apparently, after the island was invaded a number of times, the towns themselves were moved back inland from the ports, which is why you get Pollença Port a few miles away from Pollença itself.

At Pollença, Dad and I climbed 365 steps up to a small hilltop chapel.

On the final day we took it a bit quieter and went down to the beach for a swim amongst the fishes - absolutely beautiful shoals of tropical fish in the warm sea.

Had a wonderful time. It was weird thinking, as we came back in to land in Britain, that this would be the last time I'd fly into home for a while, and probably the last time I'd swim in the sea for a bit as Rwanda is landlocked. Although, it is supposed to have some spectacular inland beached along Lake Kivu. 

Less than a month to go now! :op

Majorca Sunset

After touch-down we came back via Clevedon for a walk along the pier and ice cream.