Sunday, 27 March 2016

Mostly Non-Food Related Post

The Rain Has Arrived

I've just realised I've taken very few photographs of anything that isn't food recently.

This is just a general non-edible post. 

Life in Kigali is very good at the moment. I'm mostly a reclusive writer, but I've had a few fun days out.

Went to visit ImagineWe, an independent publishing house in Kigali. Really impressive group and I hope to be more involved in the future. Meeting up with a local sci-fi author next week to talk about all things writing and book-related. Looking forward to that.

Also went for coffee the other day with Keza, a fabulous participant on last year's human rights program. She's looking to set up her own charity for children with disabilities. We talked solidly for three hours about that, and Burundi (where she's originally from), and hiking in the mountains. Excited to see how her project goes.

Also excited about the arrival of Paul. One of mum's colleagues has quit his job and decided to go travelling. He's booking his flight to Rwanda and will be staying for a month from mid-May. We met briefly when I was back in the UK. There's talk of going to see the gorillas, and I'm sure we'll take a break by Lake Kivu.

And I'm all aglow as my favourite priest is back in town in about a week. Going to introduce him to Keza as I think there might be partnership opportunities there for project collaboration. I last saw him in October, when we were getting trollied on communion wine. It will be really good to see him again, passing through Kigali on route to projects in DRC.

Otherwise, all is going well. Really proud of my writing at the moment. I've been adding a fairly steady 10,000 words per week to my manuscripts. Finally found a routine that seems to work for me. And my Kinya lessons are slowly starting to pay off. Really enjoying my weekly sessions with my neighbour. Keeps my brain active.

We've also had a couple of really impressive thunder storms. Had to wipe half of it out of my door the other day. I have finally reacclimatised. When I first got back I was a wall of sweat. Now I can comfortably wear a long-sleeved T-shirt in 17c, though the temperature remains in the high 20s, low 30s at the moment.

A happy balance of relaxation and productive has been struck.

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