Sunday, 27 October 2013

Kicking Up A Storm

Hurah for Kitty!

Made it through her MOT this year at half the price of last year. We get another twelve months together.

I've also discovered my new favouritist toy. Inspired by a man selling them outside Bristol Temple Meads station a while back, I decided to dig out the crepe maker. I was watching carefully how he did it, and part of the trick seems to be to have the wooden jobbie in a bowl of water.

Anyway, I recreated the one I bought off him: cheese, olives, pepper and mushrooms.

This makes it healthy, right?

Fond memories of a holiday in the Algarve as a kid, where they used to sell crepes with chocolate spread and coconut. That's going to be my next attempt. I think I could probably live off crepes. I used to make pancakes stuffed with noodles fried in soy sauce, honey and sesame seeds, but pancakes are just too stodgy. Crepes are a much better way to go. Except the breakfast pancakes Lindsay makes at Stag Cottage, with turmeric, cinnamon and lashings of honey.

Aaanyway. I've had a lazy morning this morning as the clocks went back, giving an extra hour in bed. Just finished a big bowl of porridge and slipped on my new warm booties.

We're battening down the hatches here in the UK as apparently there's a storm on its way. We know to be worried because Michael Fish has been on the telly telling people it probably won't be that bad. Last time he said that, back in 1987, we were hit by a hurricane. 

It's supposed to be the worst storm in five years, and we're right in the danger belt. Hopefully Dad will make it home from Carlisle before it hits. Last time this happened he was on the emergency planning team, making sure people had shelter and water. It was pretty bad. The problem with Gloucester is that some numpty decided to build our main electricity station right in the middle of the floodplain. 

I am kind of excited though. I think storms are awesome, provided you have somewhere nice and warm and safe to watch them from.

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