Monday, 28 November 2011

MissFire at Gloucester Quays

This was the scene at Gloucester Quays last Saturday as Victorian England reinstated itself for a Christmas market along the docks.

With a pork roll in one hand (complete with crackling) and a cup of mulled wine in the other, I munched my way around the stalls.

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Having just driven back from visiting friends in the Diff, on four hours' sleep, it wasn't long before I had to retreat to the warmth and comfort of home. However, one stall in particular caught my attention.

Each year it's traditional for me to head to the Christmas display at Clearwell Caves in the Forest of Dean. One of my favourite places in the country. It's an ancient mine and they have an underground forge. A little while back it was taken over by a female Smith - MissFire.

(Image from MissFire's website)
Her name is Clare Robertson. If you visit Clearwell you will find her work on sale in the shop. You can also find examples of her work online. It was lovely to see her at the Victorian Market. She is extremely talented.

Seeker by MissFire

With that, I meandered home for a nice cup of hot cocoa. 

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